11 Facts of Dr. Ambedkar life - Freedom Fighter

Architect of the Indian Constitution

11 Lesser known facts about 

Dr. Ambedkar

Fact 1

Ambedkar's original surname was Ambavadekar, a low dalit caste.  Mahadev Ambedkar, a Brahmin teacher in his school, who had taken a liking for him changed his last name from Ambavadekar to Ambedkar to give the untouchable boy his own name.

Fact 2

As a school kid, Ambedkar was extremely fond of gardening and spent every penny he had on buying new plants.

Fact 3

Ambedkar got married for the first time at the age of 16 and was blessed with 4 son's and a daughter. However, all except his son yashwant,  died in their infancy.

Fact 4

Ambedkar was the first Indian to pursue an Economics doctorate degree abroad.

Fact 5

When Ambedkar first submitted his doctoral thesis - "The Provlem of the Rupee" - at the London School of economics. It was not accepted on the grounds of being too Revolutionary and Anti-British.

Fact 6

The RBI was conceptualised based on the guidelines Ambedkar presented to the "The Royal Commission of Indian currency and finance" in 1925. Its members found his book "The Problem of the Rupee - its problem and its solution" an invaluable reference tool.

Fact 7

In 2005, a book complied by Proffesor Arun Kamble was mired in controversy. It had 92 letters written by Frances Fitzgeraland,  an Irish Woman who worked in the house of commons and had met Ambedkar in the 1920's. The letters appear to have suggested that the two were fond of each other.

Fact 8

Ambedkar married second time in 1948. He was in need of someone to look after his health so he went on to marry Dr. Savita kabir,  whom he had met when admitted to a hospital where she worked.  She was Brahmin by caste.

Fact 9

Ambedkar had recommended the division of the states of Madhya pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar  in a book published in 1955. While nothing was done then but these 3 states did undergo division 45 years later.

Fact 10

At the 7th session of indian labour conference, Ambedkar changed the working hours in india from 14 hours to 8 hours.

Fact 11

He had a strong liking for dogs and would bring them home even from the farthest corners of the country if he found a charming breed.

The people also known him by 

"Babasaheb Ambedkar"

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