10 Unknown facts of Annie Besant - Freedom Fighter

Annie Besant 

October 1st 1847 to September 20th 1933

Fact 1

Annie Besant was a strong-willed woman who strived to learn all about life she traveled to different places all over the world something very unusual for women of those times.

Fact 2

Annie Besant was Irish born and raised in London she first started her support for Ireland's self-rule she firmly believed in decolonization there were two important and powerful women in vesses life her mother and later her mother's friend who raised her in her teens they gave her education and taught her skills this inspired her to work towards empowering women.

Fact 3

Annie Besant wanted to follow a faith that was secular that was when she met Charles Bradley and joined the NSS national secular society she even got jailed along with Brad laughs for publishing books that were considered too forthright during their time.

Fact 4

Annie Besant became friends with a famous Irish writer George Bernard Shaw he helped her join the Fabian Society which was mainly responsible for the forming of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom.

Fact 5

Annie Besant was one of a kind and she contested in London school board elections back in 1881 when no woman thought of anything like that her manifesto read no more hungry children.

Fact 6

Annie Besant introduction to Theosophical society was through H people of ASCII she interviewed Blavatsky for a review that she wrote for Pall Mall Gazette in 1889 she moved to India for the very first time after becoming a theosophist.

Fact 7

Theosophical society she found was an organization that addressed all that she deeply cared about faith independence of states service to humanity empowerment of women and freedom of thought.

Fact 8

Annie Besant started the home rule league in 1916 with Lokmoney Tilak she urged the British to leave India and pushed for self-governance in India.

Fact 9

Annie Besant also started the Women's Indian Association WIA in 1917 and was a president of the organization.

Fact 10

Annie Besant daughter maple Besson was briefly in charge of the Theosophical society after her mother's death.

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