Facts about Mangal Pandey - Freedom Fighter

Mangal Pandey First Freedom Fighter

10 Known and Unknown facts about Mangal Pandey

·      Mangal Pandey was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Uttar Pradesh on 19 july 1827.

·      He Joined the East India Company's army in 1849 at the age of 22.

·      Mangal Pandey is famous in Indian history as a freedom fighter who gave his life to free the country from the British Raj.

·      He Played a key role in the revolt of 1857 also known has Sepoy mutiny of 1857.

·      He Started the revolt in Barrackpore near Kolkata on March 29, 1857 by attacking his British Sergant. He was arrested by the other sepoys.

·      Mangal Pandey was a diligent follower of hinduism.  The reason behind the outburst of his anger was a cartridge of rifle (Enfield P-53 rifle).

·      There was rumour that the cartridge was greased with fat of cow and pig ( In hindu religion the meat of cow in prohibited).

·      Mangal Pandey was hanged till death on April 8, 1857. He is also remembered as a first martyr of indian freedom movement.

·      The Mangal Pandey cenotaph on Surendranath Banerjee road at Barrackpote Cantonment,West Bengal.

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