About us

My name is Vishal Gouda and i created this blog site for knowledge purpose, people would love to know facts about freedom fighters and how much they sacrifice for all as well as it would also help for students who wants to gain knowledge and learn new things about freedom heros and it would help them in school project to take some points and facts about freedom fighters.

Freedom fighters means not only who fought against opponent countries. Freedom fighter means who fought for Rights. who made the sacrifice of own life for other's Right.

The Reason i choose this topic because people forget the sacrifices about Real Heroes and they only remember when someone make film on it, If you search in internet there is less search about freedom fighters compare to other unusual things. So i am trying to people can remember them and i started writing short bio about them so people can atleast start to read main points and 500 words about them.

The purpose of this site is only for sharing knowledeg and i am also the founder of MoneyMedia.net and if you any doubt you can contact me through blog contact page.

All the information which is collected about freedom fighters from Internet and well knowledgeable people. 
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